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Joy's Jack

Hello, I am the Jack in Jack's Joy.  I was born in Virginia circa 1957 and grew up in Hampton Roads Virginia.  My dad was in the Air Force and we moved to West Germany when I was 6 months old.  I really do not remember anything from living there other than what the pictures show and my parents memories.  We returned to Portsmouth Virginia where I attended Simonsdale Elementary for grades 1 - 3.  My dad retired from the USAF and we moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina for my 4th grade school year.  Returning to Virginia Beach, Virginia and attending Kings Grant Elementary (grades 5-7) and First Colonial HS (grades 8-12).  No middle or junior high for me.  I tried real hard to prevent a successful graduation but somehow it happened in 1976. 

I joined the US Air Force in '77 and spent the next 22 years maintaining some B-52G's (3 years) as a crew chief, then cross-trained to be an aircraft flight engineer (airborne system operator and checklist announcer) on C-130E/H (7 years) & KC-10A (12 years).  It was a wonderful career that took me all over the globe.  I was stationed in TX, NC, AR, Germany, LA, IL & CA.  I got to visit Europe, Middle East (multiple times), East Asia, China, North Africa, & Diego Garcia.  I joke I have set foot on 5 of 7 continents (Australia and South America are the two I missed).  I have visited most of the 50 US States (VT, MA, OH, WS & MN are on my bucket list). Retired in '99 to IL and then in '02 to NC where I reside these days.

I enjoy taking photos and videos that will be found on the Joy of Family (or facebook) page.  I have no known biological children BUT have been blessed with four step-children and two (so far) step-grandchildren.  These family members are in AR, NC and NY.  I am able to stay in touch using facebook, email or by phone.  We have 3 cats; two brothers about 8 years old and one teenage lady to keep them on their toes.

While in the Air Force, I completed two AAS degrees (Maintenance & Flight Engineer), completed FAA Airmen Certification for Flight Engineer and Airframe & Powerplant Aviation Mechanic.  After retirement I completed a BS in Computer Information Science with a focus on Management.  I have continued my training in class and on the job.  I have 15 years experience as a computer geek who translates the technical into layman.  I work as a Network Engineer with CNP Technologies.  I do my day to day job assisting Maxwell Group, Inc. with user and equipment support by manning the Help Desk and System monitoring of there two companies, 12 communities, and 200+ users.  My nights and weekends are spent helping family and friends make there Computer's Friendly again or learning something about computers. 

When the day, night and training are done - I watch TV, read a book, watch MLB.TV between March and October, watch a movie (internet or theater) but I prefer dancing and try to Square Dance once a week (twice if I am lucky).

My story is written for now and though I may add to it, I will not be changing what is already written.